Steel Curtain Hanging Track System
with Nylon Wheel Carriers and mounting hardware

This is a heavy duty steel curtain track that will endure the rigors of heavy use and harsh environments. The track is constructed from high quality 16-gauge galvanized steel, and can be connected together and cut for almost any length. This track system uses industrial grade Nylon Wheel Roller Carriers. These carriers roll inside of the track and allow the curtain to move effortlessly forward and backward. The rollers are fabricated from hard nylon, with a steel chassis and hook. The hooks on the carriers are meant to hook onto the grommets at the top of a curtain, every 12 inches.

The max length of any individual piece of track is 8 feet long. The track-ends slip inside of a Ceiling Mount every 8 feet (and on the ends), and the Ceiling Mounts are meant to be bolted to the ceiling using Lag Bolts or Anchor Bolts (not included).

Depending on your needs, you have the option to choose from several different mounting styles (besides the Straight Ceiling Mount offered in this kit). Depending on the mounting style you want, you can mount directly to the ceiling, joists, chains, cables, adjacent walls, threaded rods, or trusses. The mount shown here (and included in this kit) is only the Straight Ceiling Mount. Contact us for other mounting options, such as wall-mount, corner-mount, etc.

90-degree Radius Corner Track Pieces are also available for applications where the curtain has to drape around a bend. Contact us for a quote.

Your kit includes all the hardware you need to hang your curtains from the ceiling, on a straight track.

Components included with your kit:
- Straight Track Sections: max length of any individual piece of track is 8 feet
- Nylon Wheel Roller Carriers with 1" curtain hook: one for left-side plus one for each foot of track
- Ceiling Splice Mounts with 4 lag holes: one for every join of 2 pieces of track
- Ceiling End Mounts with 2 lag holes: one for each end (2 per order)
- End Stops to keep rollers inside of the track (2 per order)
- Optional upon request: 90-degree Radius Corner Track Piece, 24" long (additional charge will apply)
- Optional upon request: 90-degree Hard-Corner Ceiling Mount (additional charge will apply)

Technical Specifications:
- Track is made of 16 gauge Hot-Dipped Galvanized Steel
- Each Nylon Roller Carrier has a 40 lb. load rating

NOTE: The main picture above shows one of our Black Stage Curtains being hung using this curtain track system. Curtain is not included.

After installation, the distance from the ceiling (or surface that the track is mounted to), to the top edge of the curtain, will be 2 inches.

Instruction/installation manual not included.

Maximum tube shipping length for the track (after packaged): 8.2 feet. The mounting accessories, carriers, and other parts will be shipped in a separate box. The max track length for any single piece is 8'. For instance, if you order 20 feet of track, you will get two 8-foot pieces and one 4-foot piece.

FREE SHIPPING to USA continental 48 states. There will be a surcharge for shipping to Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. International shipping is available, please contact us for a quote.

NOTE: A quantity of 1 will only get you 1 foot of rail, not an entire 8' length of rail. Please enter the NUMBER OF FEET you want in the QUANTITY FIELD during Paypal checkout. Any orders of 7 feet or less will incur a shipping surcharge of $35.00. This surcharge will not be automatically deducted at the point of order, but will be requested separately prior to your order shipping out.

Steel Curtain Hanging Track System with Wheel Carriers and Hardware

Track is made of 16 gauge Hot-Dipped Galvanized Steel
Track Outside Measurements: 1½" width x 1¼" height
Track Inside Width: 1½"
Wheel Carrier Overall Length: 2½"
Wheel Carrier Width: 1¼"

The picture shows a portion of installed track, with one of our Black Stage Curtains hanging from it.

Price: $20.00 per foot

After clicking the "Add to Cart" button, in the Paypal checkout, put the number of feet you want into the Quantity field.